Positions Mentioned

TickerComment titleDate mentionedPrice at mentionCurrent price% change
BDS MOA Way To "Play" Mongolia?11/19/2010$2,355.00$N/A "MO"% N/A
GLDVictory For Gold3/20/2010$108.28$120.77 +11.53
EGD.vMining Services Part II3/16/2010$2.70$0.465 -82.78


TickerComment titleDate mentionedPrice at mentionCurrent price% change


TickerComment titleDate mentionedPrice at mentionClosed price% change
FXYSay No To Noda11/16/2012$120.88$110.37+8.69
TITNBack On The Farm...9/17/2012$20.93$28.86+37.89
AYRCastles In The Sky9/10/2012$11.76$13.89+18.11
bly.axThe Drillers Aren't Going Bust...9/05/2012$1.11$1.67+50.45
FBK.toAdding Fibrek Ticker To Prior Posting1/09/2011$1.26$0.97-23.02
MERCWhat Happens When 4 Billion People Decide To Use Toilet Paper???1/09/2011$8.11$7.67-5.43
GROWIndex Fund Shopping Day6/28/2010$5.38$8.63+60.41
AXM.axWorried About Wiluna6/08/2010$0.019$0.019 0.00
VXXDesigned To Fail...4/28/2010$1,318.40$24.50+98.14
MFMF Global3/24/2010$8.30$8.20-1.20


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