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December 4, 2011
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December 14, 2011

My Soap Box… (Sorry For Politics)

I want to apologize in advance for stepping onto my soap-box here. Over the past few years, our government has invaded the private sector in such a way that the two are hard to differentiate and suddenly talking about investing means talking about politics. I hate talking about politicians without mentioning a way to profit from their idiocy, but I feel that readers should be exposed to a man who last week I barely knew existed.

As you know, I have a rather morbid view of the US election process. The only sure thing is that unfortunately, someone will win the election next year and become our president. This is highly disappointing to most of us, as ‘None of the Above’ would win in a landslide. I for one, highly support that option as it would force both political parties to run candidates roughly judged as sane. Barring such an outcome, my view of the political process is that over time, my taxes will gradually increase in order to support both parties campaign platforms; namely to give free handouts to people that I’ve never met, and to bomb people that I largely have no gripes with. Naturally, a small group of special interest will guide our government towards both goals earning a healthy vigorish along the way. In middle-school science class, I learned that in a host-parasite relationship, the parasite is careful to never kill its host—clearly most of the political elite did not graduate from middle school because they are intent on killing our country.

Fortunately, I have no political leanings except a strong hatred of both parties. I focus my attention on finding ways to profit off the unintended consequences of the laws that both parties draft. Excluding the occasional and humorous sex scandal, I prefer not to know too much about my politicians—otherwise I’d be disgusted to be an American. So when a good friend offered me a chance to go to his home for a speech by Jon Huntsman, I naturally was irritated. If you show attention to the machine, it feels that you support its actions. However, how often do you get to hear a former ambassador to China offer up his experiences in the form of a resume? Besides, there was an open bar and I’m a sucker for those.

Jon Huntsman

As a well-heeled analyst, before going to the event, I did some due diligence. Who is this Jon Huntsman and why should I care? That’s when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t know a thing about him as he’s been entirely ignored by the media. Upon some sleuthing however, I found that I rather like what Huntsman stands for.

Suddenly, I had this strange feeling, this guy stands for what I believe in.

-lower taxes and simplify the tax code http://jon2012.com/issues/jobs-economy-tax-reform

-eliminate stupid regulations that make businesses uneconomic http://jon2012.com/issues/jobs-economy-regulatory-reform

-increase free trade http://jon2012.com/issues/jobs-economy-trade

-eliminate the concept of ‘too big to fail’ by eliminating Dodd-Frankhttp://www.jon2012.com/index.php/issues/financial-reform

-institute term limits so that politicians can make unpopular decisions without worrying about re-elections

-stop going around the globe bullying smaller countries and wondering why they fight back

The list goes on and on, and I’ve linked to some of his talking points above. More importantly, he seems capable of bridging the political impasse that has made it so that nothing can possibly happen in Washington. He was a Republican ambassador under Obama and that’s a telling achievement.

Can Huntsman win? I don’t know. I’m not even sure that I fully support all that he stands for, but he’s the first candidate that I’ve seen on the national stage in years who I can at least partially support. As I’ve been telling friends, he is Ron Paul with a heavy dose of pragmatism.

I don’t mean for AIC to become a political stumping grounds, so will end this piece here. However, a week ago, I didn’t know much about Jon Huntsman. If I was unaware, plenty of others are as well. I feel that I’ve done my part to bring some exposure to someone who I think can actually do a good job. With that, I’ll go back to my normal acerbic view of politics in general.

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