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October 19, 2016
Believe In America (Part I)
November 17, 2016

Stand Up To Hillary!!

Over the years, I’ve been involved with businesses all around the world, yet America remains special for its unique “system” where multiple interlocking and counterbalancing forces, guarantee that you will be treated fairly. It doesn’t have corrupt civil servants or police extorting you. Instead, if someone does something illegal, you march yourself up the chain of command until you find someone who takes your side—if only because of the embarrassment and career penalties caused by you complaining to the media and exposing their shared crimes. For that matter, the media keeps officials in line by ensuring transparency and exposing scandals—as scandals drive their readership, ratings and revenues. The judiciary is relatively impartial and there’s a well-functioning appeals process to ensure that bad decisions are overturned—when not decided by a jury of your peers. This, in turn is all kept honest by the fact that America has transparent and legitimate elections where we get to select the officials—or at least those who will choose them. In summary, America has a “system” and it works.

During more than two centuries of evolution, we’ve successfully incorporated women and all races into this “system”, making it increasingly fair to everyone. I don’t want to make it sound like this “system” is the most efficient possible—government by its nature is inefficient. There are certainly mistakes and oversights. Occasionally, there is outright corruption and fraud, but our “system” of interlocking checks and balances roots out problems, usually, for the better.

However, there is one powerful clique that seems to think that they can circumvent more than two centuries of progress and self-empowerment for the people of America. This cloistered group of elites shares the same goals and group-think. They differ in name and party affiliation, but their ties to wealthy donors and corporations unite them in a form of political collusion intended to keep outsiders away from their game. Every election cycle, their power and influence grows—allowing them to more brazenly flout the law. Subsequently, their ability to distribute favors attracts the worst sycophants of society to do their bidding—while squeezing out the virtuous. No one symbolizes the upper echelons of this cloistered clique better than the Clinton family. The way that the Clintons have repeatedly disregarded the best traditions of our American “system” should be anathema to all Americans—regardless of your political leanings.

One of the basic tenants of American politics is that the media will expose the candidates’ flaws and air all dirty laundry so that voters can make an educated decision before the election. Trump has been repeatedly depicted as sexist. I congratulate the mainstream media for finding various tapes that show him at his worst—this is what an election is about—knowing your candidate. However, where is the unbiased reporting on the Clinton Foundation’s illegal transactions with offshore despots, pay-for-play with US businessmen, felonious cover-ups of various email scandals, abuses of campaign finance laws and blatant disregard for multiple US and international corruption laws? Almost everyone in Hillary’s inner circle—including her—is under some form of criminal investigation. She’s one of the most crooked people to ever run for President of this country, but where’s the reporting on this? Instead, the mainstream media makes vague allegations that Trump’s divisiveness is turning the FBI against Hillary. Unfortunately, as WikiLeaks has shown, the Clinton apparatus has co-opted the mainstream media, colluded with them and whitewashed the obvious.

Julian Assange is now doing the job of an American reporter—exposing the facts and letting the public decide on their meaning and merit. We’ve all grown so numb to combative political journalism that we’ve forgotten that not too long ago, the newspapers reported the news in a non-biased, factual way, in order to inform readers. Then, sometime about a week before the election, the paper would publish an op-ed telling you how they wanted you to interpret the data they’ve been reporting. You could then accept the conclusion or disagree—the facts were there for you to make an educated decision. Journalism should be fact-based—not the highly biased propaganda we are bombarded with today. What’s real news or fake anymore? It’s become difficult to tell.

Given all the discord and innuendo, I decided to educate myself before voting. I’ve never been to a political rally, but decided to attend a Trump rally this Wednesday in Miami. Based on biased media reporting, I expected a discordant crowd of uneducated, white, males—the media’s current definition of society’s dregs. Instead it was a packed crowd of 5,000 with at least half female attendees. Was it a diverse crowd?? I was one of the few who didn’t speak Spanish—this genuinely surprised me. People were friendly and rather well-informed on the issues. However, you wouldn’t know this from reading local or international coverage of the event. As the mainstream media tells it; it was a mostly empty arena with some crazies milling about, harassing people trying to walk past the event. I didn’t comprehend biased reporting until I literally saw it in action. Then again, it’s no secret that the mainstream media is rapidly losing its consumers, as it’s no longer serving them with the information they want. When you lie to people, they figure it out quickly.

I remember going to Zimbabwe a few years ago. They had elections and lawyers. The judges even wore white wigs and robes. They essentially kept the British traditions alive, but everything was rotten to the core. It was described to me as “a house with all the plumbing intact, but only sewage could go in or out.” The lynchpin of the Zimbabwean system is its blatant election manipulation, designed to keep Mugabe in power. There is no freedom of the press. Opposition candidates are beaten or arrested and the voting itself is deliberately rigged. Given the contempt that the Clinton’s have shown for America’s “system,” should it be any surprise that she’s co-opted Black Lives Matter (BLM) from a grass-roots advocacy for changes in policing policies, into an army of Brown Shirts to attack her opponents. Do you see many Trump bumper stickers and banners in front of houses? Of course not. Trump supporters have been attacked at rallies by hooligans paid for by the Clinton campaign. Vehicles with bumper stickers have been destroyed. Houses with placards have been vandalized. A Trump campaign office was fire-bombed in North Carolina. Police are literally getting assassinated by Hillary’s BLM friends. Who wants to publicly acknowledge support for Trump and risk the consequences? This is institutionalized intimidation at its worst.

Nearly every day, there’s widespread reporting on election tampering with dead people voting and forged early voting ballots. For the first time in American history, surveys repeatedly show that the majority of voters believe that the actual vote counting will be rigged. With voting machine contracts given out to loyal Hillary contributors, why should anyone trust the process? What’s happened to our elections? This isn’t America. This isn’t our “system”—it is becoming Zimbabwe. The one thing that we always counted on in America was that the actual voting process was fair, honest and free from intimidation—now that certainty is under attack.

Fortunately, the American “system” still stumbles forward in its traditional form, despite the attacks upon it. Julian Assange has to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy for his own safety, but he can still publish the truth. Despite obvious obstruction from the DOJ, the FBI is now actively investigating Hillary’s crimes. Voting fraud is being exposed and people are becoming less scared to speak the truth about intimidation. As my friends speak amongst themselves about the election, they realize that they share a common goal and dream for America. It’s no longer awkward to support Trump, since we are no longer immediately branded as; racist, sexist, divisive, poor or uneducated—that straw man has finally been quashed by brave men like Peter Thiel who have faced down the accusers and declared the obvious. More and more are now joining from the shadows. Fortunately, there’s strength in numbers. It isn’t racist to want strong borders. It isn’t “deplorable” to oppose high taxes and crippling bureaucracy.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat—I have voted for candidates from each party, yet, I genuinely despise both parties. Trump clearly has rather numerous and serious character flaws. However, I fear that a Clinton victory could firmly tip America in a direction that will be impossible to reverse. No country has ever gotten wealthy by raising taxes, while allowing a chosen group of paid-up oligarchs to loot the middle class. We have more than two centuries of successful and evolving traditions. Americans do not put up with those who undermine the “system” for personal gain—we root them out as the “system” is more important than any individual. A subverted media along with election violence have no place in America—rigged elections are even worse. Repeated and blatant disregard for the law cannot be countenanced for a Presidential candidate. I truly fear for America’s “system,” as Hillary has flagrantly tried to discard it. Never before in my voting life has a choice been this obvious or serious.

As I learned Wednesday at the Trump rally, Americans of all ages, races, religions, genders and parties support Trump. They support America. They know that we must stand up to Hillary—or we will forever lose our country. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing. This is an American thing. I have never used this website for political purposes, but November 8th is simply too important to all of us. If America makes the wrong choice, we will not be able to take our freedom back. Join me in standing up to the corrupt class and the queen corruptor. Join me in standing up to Hillary!!

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