December 3, 2017
December 3, 2017


I just returned to warm and sunny Miami. My 5 weeks of travel have inhibited my ability to post as frequently as I would have liked. AIC will now return to its normal publishing schedule

Hi Kuppy,
You mentioned a while back that you would sell your silver when it hit its crazy phase. Silver has been having a good run. Is you your finger itchy on the sell button?

It’s tempting. I sort of think that we get to an even ‘crazier phase.’ I guess the problem is: what would I do with the cash if I sold? At these prices, I’d rather own overvalued silver than rapidly depreciating dollars…

I’m from Brazil and I recently read your Insiders Article about Andean American Golden Group. I want to know where you can see if a insider is buying and the details of the buying. For example , you said in the article when the transaction had happened (july 23) , who bought that , how many stocks and how much he paid.

I use inkresearch.ca there is a free site at sedi.ca There are also a number of free sites but I don’t know the names. I mentioned one a few months back. Try search.

Just wanted to get a HF/PE thought on this article when you get the chance. Its excellent: http://www.theoildrum.com/node/7603

Not sure what I can add to that article. Unless the price of a resource goes up significantly, the quantity of production will not increase much. I think we are at that point now on some commodities, but not others. However, costs continue to increase rapidly. You need prices to increase a bunch more for there to be a significant increase in gold production for instance.

Despite gold’s rise, my position in Newmont Mining has not faired well compared to other gold miners. Will the markets ever see value in this stock – or would I be better served moving into it’s competitors. Thanks for any insight.

Mining is one VERY tough business. I think NEM is cheap and I even own a few shares. I sure hope the market recognizes the value here–but there is no way to know when. Fred Hickey wrote a good deal about the stock in his most recent letter. I think it should be required reading for anyone seriously considering investing in NEM or the markets in general.