December 3, 2017
December 3, 2017


In Ulaanbaatar….

My writing – I hope it doesn’t bore you. This charity auction was held in Princeton-NJ – Not exactly a back water location. Lots of bidders for an over Retail iPadII and 3-4 bidders for an under retail 10 gram Gold Bar – I ended up bidding on and winning the Gold Bullion Bar I donated.
Here i my tale:

That made me laugh. Well done.

Kup, are you failiar with any tungsten mines in 1)Manchuria, 0r 2)in any countries which honor their agreements …unlike the latest mess in Bolivia/PAAS ?


What do you make of silver’s parabolic move higher? Do you think there’s a serious risk of failure to deliver at NYMEX, or is the answer simply more buyers than silvers?

At a certain price, there’s more than enough silver. Tell NYMEX to call me, I got some physical for sale at the right price…. There’s plenty of others who think the same way.

I was reviewing your “Commodites Gone Wild” post in light of commentary out of Sprott that was posted on Zerohedge this afternoon (link below). Sprott concludes that the dollar value of all of the silver available to the investment community is only 8% of the amount of gold. Even if, as your wrote with respect to january prices of silver, “you will probably see production increase by 100 million ounces a year forever”, if silver becomes an asset class, won’t a hundred million additional ounces be insignificant?

In your opinion, is Sprott just talking their book? Is it just a question of different time frames? Thanks.


Of course, Sprott is talking his book. At the same time, all the silver in the world is a very small number when compared to how much money they’re printing. I’m not surprised to see it going wild–I bought silver years ago because I expected it to happen. At some time, it will trade too high and production will crush the price. No idea when that is, but I’m not in a hurry to find out. I intend to sell too soon and move onto something else.

Dear Kuppy,
you seem to have stopped – or at least paused – to write about investments. I thought this site was about “small companies – big upside”, why do you change focus?

I haven’t changed focus. There just isn’t an investment of the month that makes sense. I find that I do best when I only make a few new investments each year. It keeps me real focused on only finding the best companies. Simply put, I haven’t found much at today’s valuations and I’m having a good run with the stuff I already own.

I find that focusing on the macro and big picture helps to spot trends that I can then use to pinpoint good investments. So, with all that’s going on in the world, that’s where my focus is. I’m searching for the next trend….

Do you have an interest in Lithium companies? I haven’t seen you mention any.

No interest at all. Being long lithium is like being long salt. There’s an endless oversupply until the end of eternity.