December 3, 2017
December 3, 2017


RenRen recently had an IPO on the NYSE, the Facebook of China. Currently Facebook is valued around 65 billion, on the private market. RENN had an IPO today at $14 a share valued at $725 million. Right now, its at $19 a share. Facebook has 600 million users, with China having over billion people alone, the potential for this to be BIDU story seems ressonable to me. Any thoughts?

Could be interesting. I really know nothing about a business like this. Sorry

Apex has dropped to a penny. Does it spark your interest again at this price?

I bought a few back at 1.2c I have this funny feeling that I will regret it. IT’s one tough asset.

Kuppy, your following a stock which your interested in establishing a position, Yet for reasons you can’t explain it continues to grind higher. Just when your ready to pull the trigger it really screams higher. Do you wait for a hopeful pullback? Or dive in, dollar cost averaging along the way?

That’s really really tough. If I think it’s cheap, I just buy it. I’m not that good at timing entry and exit. If I like the company and think it can go higher for years, I just ignore the recent trading history–unless it’s no longer a bargain. That way, if it drops (and they usually do) I can buy more at a better price and lower my cost basis.

Wondering if you have any thoughts on supply/demand for potash in the long term. Thanks.

Sorry, I haven’t really researched much on potash (which is a shame b/c a good friend gave me the idea in 2005 and I didn nothing useful with it)

Any idea why the gold miners are lagging the gold price?

Nope. They just act awful.One of these days, they will lead to the upside, but it’s pretty frustrating waiting for that day.

Why, in your opinion, after a great year is EGD’s stock being hammered?

I’m simply baffled. It’s a mid single-digit PE multiple for a company growing revenues at stupidly high rates. This is my biggest position and I’m tempted to even buy more. Energold’s business is doing stunningly well.