December 3, 2017
December 3, 2017


I’m in Hong Kong–On the way to Ulaanbaatar

Hi Kuppy. How do you purchase and store your physical gold? More specifically, do you store your gold in multiple locations? Singapore? Zurich? Do you recommend such services as Goldmoney or Global Gold? And finally, are you of the multiple passport school? Thanks very much for sharing your insights and good luck in Mongolia!

I probably should be more proactive, but only have one passport. I keep my physical gold in places where I can have easy access to it. I have some of it overseas, but most is in the US. I just am not part of the tin-foil-hatter gold club. I own gold b/c I think it’s going to go up over time—not because the government confiscates it.

Has your stance changes at all on Energold? I’ve been watching it daily and seems like it might be time I pull the trigger.

It sure is cheap. I don’t know what makes it go up though. I don’t expect much good news in the short term, but for guys with an outlook longer than 6 months, this is probably when you want to buy it…

Buying gold is the investment implication I get from the inefficiencies of a democratic republic. The currency is my greatest financial risk. In my life, the event that most threatened the legitimacy of government was the peaceful and persistent high road approach of Martin Luther King. The politicians belatedly joined his bandwagon to avoid being run over by it. Profound change will occur again, but I have no sense of it. Women’s suffrage must have been similar.

If you haven’t read the late Harry Browne, I am sure you would enjoy his writings. I send this link because you used drug laws as an example. He was an ideologue.

For readers with an interest in Harry Browne’s writings.

Re: America + 30yrs –> Argentina?

I always appreciate your thoughts.

re: the above statement in the current piece: Classical textbooks might say it should happen but consider… We are the military defender of status quo. We are the monetary defender of status quo. We have a willing population that leads good lives, is geographically isolated from most world history and events and loves Koolade. Given the aforementioned, why would it be in the interest of controlling power to allow it to happen? No viable challenger to current controlling power is on the horizon. So barring a cataclysmic black swan event, in our era of fiat money and relative truth I believe the conclusion must be that it won’t.

I wonder if that is what the guys in Argentina thought in 1920? Or what the Romans thought in 180 AD when Marcus Aurelius died…

It only takes a few decades of dysfunctional government for things to fall apart.

Subject: Goldman Sachs Bought A Record Amount Of GLD In Q2 while telling their clients to sell

First shorting CMOs & CMBs while selling them to their clients and now this!

How do they get away with it?


All of Wall St. is one giant conflict of interest anyone who isn’t trading against “Wall St. Research” deserves to lose his money.

Are we going to have another war in the middle east? When will our government learn better?

I sure hope we don’t have another war. Our government will never “learn better.” They’re in the government specifically because they cannot get jobs in the real world due to incompetence…