December 3, 2017
December 3, 2017


Today’s Ask Kuppy will be a departure from normal. We’ve had a lot of new subscribers over the past few months and my email box is suddenly overflowing with questions. I want to answer them all, but 50 a day turns a hobby into a job and I already have one of those. Please keep sending me your questions and links to interesting articles. I appreciate every email I get. However, I need to establish a few rules about what I can no longer answer. With that in mind, here is a list of Ask Kuppy rules:

1. Please use the search function. I spent money to build a search feature on this site. It’s really quite good. I’ve answered a lot of questions since the start of this site. There’s a good chance I’ve already answered yours.

2. There are over 5,000 junior mining stocks. I probably haven’t heard of the one you’re asking about. Please do not ask me about juniors with market caps under USD $50 million. There’s almost no chance that I have heard of your company.

3. I am on the board of directors of Aeroquest International (AQL: Canada). No matter how many times you ask me, or how creative your question is, my answer will always be “I’m on the board of directors and cannot comment. Please call management.” Management does a great job talking to investors. Please call them if you have questions.

4. I don’t mind multi-part questions. Please do not ask 5 or 10-part questions. It’s impossible to answer them in a coherent way.

5. The fund is closed to new investors. There are no exceptions. Please do not ask for one. Please do not ask for fund performance data. I cannot give that out for legal reasons.

Please keep sending questions and links. I built this site so that I could learn more about my own investments and also find new ideas. I just don’t want to have to answer the same questions repeatedly.