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May 21, 2019
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May 29, 2019

The Future Of Hydrogen

As we all head out for the Memorial Day long weekend, most of us are focused on BBQ’s and Air Shows (I know I am). But there’s no reason to pickle your brain for 3 days without at least learning something. With that in mind, I feel compelled to share a report about the hydrogen sector written by my good friends at Capitalist Exploits. It’s so good, that my father, “Papa Kuppy” asked if he could share it with his friends.

While we’ve all been watching the GigaFraud detonate, the big story in clean transport isn’t EVs or even Lithium batteries. It is the future of hydrogen in transport. Its cheaper, faster to refuel and lighter than thousands of pounds of lithium. Most importantly, when you burn hydrogen, all that comes out the exhaust pipe is water. That’s right—it’s actually green instead of messy EVs that create more net CO2 than ICE vehicles.

Remember all those “green” solar panels and wind turbines that produce energy at the wrong times of day with no effective way to store the energy? Creating hydrogen is the solution. You create hydrogen from water through electrolysis (creating byproduct oxygen) and it turns back to water when hydrogen is consumed. Most of the cost of electrolysis is electricity—which is actually quite plentiful at certain hours of the day.

I am not the sort to invest in VC technology companies or try to guess the future direction of hydrogen technology. I barely remember 6th grade chemistry for that matter. I just know that after reading this report, I have a very different opinion on where the future of transport and energy are headed and you’d be foolish not to read it yourself over a beer somewhere.

After a good deal of pleading with Chris to share the report, he’s created a special link for AdventuresInCapitalism.com readers.


Enjoy your Memorial Day,