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April 7, 2021
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April 19, 2021

KEDM Is Hiring!!!

Dear friends,

Have you ever dreamed of working in South Florida, yet never having time for the beach? Do Excel Macros get you excited? Do you enjoy reading 10-K’s until your eyes burn? Ever wanted to experience indentured servitude wages? Then we have a job for you!!

The time has finally come—KEDM is hiring. There’s a lot of Alpha trapped out there and we want to unlock it. We’re looking for an individual who will be based in South Florida and focused on helping us build out additional data sets for KEDM. The job will involve long hours—we believe Saturdays are just another week-day. The job will involve deep scouring of documents for nuance. There will be a lot of excel work by yourself (I’m on the road a lot). This is a job for someone who lives and breathes in a data-intensive world.

Job requirements include deep experience with SEC filings and a passion for equities. Knowledge of Bloomberg is mandatory.

If this interests you, click this link. Do not email me, DM me, txt me or anything else. If you cannot follow the simple instructions here, then you’re not much of an analyst!!

Looking forward to improving KEDM,