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“Project Zimbabwe”

Roughly a month ago on the afternoon of Sunday, March 8th, Fed Chairman Powell had an emergency staff meeting. Powell: I want the nuttiest money printing plan ever. What action plans do we have that are prepared and ready to initiate? Admin: Well, we have this one named “GFC 2.0” Powell: Sounds tame and sedate. Won’t impress anyone. Admin: What about this one named Read More

Stop Shorting “Project Zimbabwe”

I have spent a lot of time on this site speaking about “Project Zimbabwe” as this period is so poorly understood and if you get it wrong, you’ll get annihilated. I have also written about how it’s getting strange out there as stocks no longer seem to have floors or ceilings on valuations. The moves are increasingly sudden and random as the active manager Read More

Trading “Project Zimbabwe…”

At the depths of the COVID crash, I began writing extensively about the equity market ramifications of unlimited fiscal and monetary stimulus. To start with, it was obvious that the equity markets would blast higher—as a result I strapped on as much exposure as I could stomach while remaining a responsible fiduciary. I was also early to recognize the massive influx of retail traders Read More

Investing In The Age Of COVID…

Four weeks ago, the stock market was in free-fall and I made the point that “if you aren’t buying stock down here, you’re simply doing it all wrong.” I fortuitously published it on the day that the market bottomed. Looking back at my call to “buy stuff,” the Fed did exactly what I expected by unleashing an alphabet-soup of acronym programs—forcing people to buy Read More

No One Knows What Comes Next…

I’m writing this to you as a Miami Beach refugee hiding out on the Florida Panhandle, where they actually let you set foot on the beach; masks are optional and restaurants are open. It’s like I’ve gone back in time to February. Besides, you wouldn’t believe the deal I got on a beach-house during COVID. I also know that I needed to escape my Read More

Did The Market Actually Recover From COVID-19…???

Here’s the head-scratcher; -On one side, we have wave 2 of COVID-19, complete with new restrictions in multiple counties and states. Roughly 30 million people are out of work. Thousands of businesses are failing each week due to government COVID-19 mandates. Rent and mortgage payments are increasingly delinquent and all of this is before the fiscal stimulus tapers off. -On the other side, the Read More

Turbulence Ahead…

On Monday, I return to work from an extended vacation (I didn’t miss much it seems). I’m refreshed and ready for what will likely be one of the craziest periods for the markets since the COVID Crash. I realize I’m the guy who has gone out there and said you have a free shot on goal ever since late March. I even called it Read More

It’s JOEtime!!!

Back in June of 2018, I wrote an initial piece on St. Joe (JOE – USA), owner of approximately 175,000 undeveloped acres along with assorted commercial real estate on the Florida Panhandle. My thesis was that the stock was trading at $18 and the land was worth a few times that figure. However, without a catalyst, I lost interest and focused on other investments Read More

My Trump Trades…

Let’s start with a disclaimer here. I’m not a professional pollster. With few exceptions, most of the professional pollsters are on the opposite side of this trade. I’m a contrarian and that means I am bound to get a few of these wrong. With that disclaimer out of the way, the early voting data shows Trump with a small lead and as the days Read More