One of my New Year’s resolutions is to “Read More; Trade Less.” This goal should be obvious to all investors—the more you know, the more conviction you will have in fewer overall positions.

Meanwhile, the hardest thing in the world is stepping away from your quotes and focusing on learning. I figured I’d help to fight future trading temptation and publish a list of blogs, newsletters and websites that I read on a regular basis.

These links are in alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone. Some are behind paywalls. I guarantee you that the money spent is worth it.



Capitalist Exploits

The Felder Report

What I Learned This Week




Alpha Vulture

Bronte Capital

Clark Street Value

Jesse Stein

Kid Dynamite’s World

Market Folly

Macro Ops

Oozing Alpha

OTC Adventures

Stock Spinoffs

The LT3000 Blog

The Macro Tourist

The Patient Investor’s Blog

Trading Volatility


Short Activists

Aurelius Value

Citron Research

Kerrisdale Capital

Muddy Waters


Spruce Point Capital








Seeking Alpha (thousands of great authors to subscribe to)

ValueInvestorsClub (hundreds of great authors)