Kuppy’s Rules

I started this website to allow for the free flow of ideas. I have always found that I cannot crystallize my thoughts unless I put them down on paper. This is my investment diary.

  1. This is not an investment advisory service. I do not get paid to talk about stocks. I’m an investor just like you.
  2. I usually own the stocks I talk about. I always think my ideas are good—sometimes they aren’t. BE FOREWARNED.
  3. I often trade around my positions. I do not intend to notify you when I am doing this.
  4. If I mention something as an investment, I usually intend to hold it for years.
  5. I cannot notify you when I am selling something as it is unfair to my investors.
  6. Do your own research. NEVER buy something just because I mention it.
  7. Unlike many newsletters that feel the NEED to publish. I only intend to publish when I have something interesting to say. Please sign up for updates so you will get email notifications of when I publish. I intend to publish roughly once a week.