November 6, 2019

My Real Vision Video…

…Yea, I know. I’m supposed to be on a vacation, but here I am, working anyway… Just for an update, I’m at the harbor in Montserrat drinking some rum. In case you weren’t aware, Montserrat is the place where a volcano blew off half the island in 1995. Don’t worry, I’ll post an update on my travels soon. In the interim, I’ve had lots ... Read More
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October 30, 2019

I’m On Vacation. Do Your Own Damn Work!! (ASPS Update)

We have a lot of new readers here, so let me reiterate the house rules. -I am not your financial advisor -I don’t know why you bought or sold something. If you choose to buy something I write about, do your own work. NEVER rely on me -If something goes down, I often have no idea why. Small-cap stocks are volatile. Get used to ... Read More
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October 28, 2019


I’m writing to you from a luxury resort on the beautiful island of Antigua. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone soft or anything. I’m still a value investor and I got an insane deal on a 200-year-old historic hotel at Nelson’s Dockyards—an old English military base. Why am I here? Very simple. I’m taking some time off. You see, investing isn’t so much about analysis—any ... Read More
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October 25, 2019

Full Frontal Fraud…

Let me cut to the chase; I won a few along the way, but Elon Musk clearly won this most recent battle. Earlier this week, Musk stared at revenue comping negative, collapsing ASPs, and abysmal margins. He had his Draghi moment where he determined that he’d do “whatever it takes.” The alternative was to let investors blast Tesla (TSLA – USA) and face a ... Read More
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October 17, 2019

If A Stock Has A PR And No One Reads It…

We’ve all heard the philosophical quandary, “If a tree falls in the forest, will anyone hear it?” I’d like to pose a more pertinent question, “If a small-cap company has a material press release and no one reads it, will the equity ever re-price?” Let’s go back two decades; I’m living in my fraternity house and it’s the dawn of widespread online trading, where ... Read More
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