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November 4, 2022

The Fed Is Fuct (Part 5)…

I know that I touched upon this in Part 2 of this “Fed is Fuct” series, but I just cannot let go of this topic. It is simply too important of a question—in fact, it seems to be the only question in my mind as we find an event-path for “Project Zimbabwe” to re-accelerate. Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine that OPEC pulled back Read More
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June 29, 2022


One of the great mysteries of modern finance is the shape of the crude oil curve. For a summary, it’s in backwardation with the slope levelling off in the mid-$60s during the back half of this decade. Market participants clearly recognize that the spot market is tight, and they are bidding up the front of the curve into a steep backwardation. Why hasn’t the Read More
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June 13, 2022

Volcker and Inflation…

For my entire career, Paul Volcker has been deified. In fact, I cannot think of an unelected government official, since the Generals of WW2, who is held in such esteem—which may also be a function of how terrible most government functionaries are. As JPOW suddenly pretends that Volcker was his boyhood hero, I think it’s worth re-examining Volcker’s inflation fight. Of course, everyone knows Read More
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