March 7, 2010

Mining-worse than airlines

Quick, what’s the world’s worst investment sector? Airlines? Autos? Biotech? Give up? Junior mining is way worse. Airlines limp on for years in quasi-bankruptcy—so do autos. A few companies like Toyota even do well. Biotech companies sometimes find something interesting. Even if your junior mining company finds something, you still will probably lose money. Junior mining companies span the universe from a guy with Read More
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February 16, 2010

Mining Services Part II

In Part I, I made the case for mining services companies and in particular for those that are focused on greenfield projects. Now, I want to talk about two companies I own, Aeroquest (AQL: Canada) and Energold (EGD: Canada). To summarize what I wrote in Part I, the mining industry is not spending enough to replace annual depletion, much less grow production. The majority Read More
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