February 8, 2022

My Fund Is Hiring…

Readers, Have you ever dreamed of living and working on a beautiful tropical island? Ever wanted to learn about investing from inside a top-performing Hedge Fund?? Want to come and join the adventure??? I’m looking to hire 2 junior analysts for roles based in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We aren’t looking for remote employees. If you enjoy putting in long hours researching stocks, and then Read More
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February 1, 2022

Azores (Part 3)

It’s been a wild 2 weeks in the markets since I returned from vacation and have been remiss in not finishing this Azores series (Azores Part 1 and Azores Part 2). With that excuse out of the way, here’s some images from the final 2 islands that I visited (Faial and Pico). I’m going to start with Faial and it’s principal city of Horta. Read More
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January 24, 2022


Rewind the clock almost two years… Analyst: For fuk’s sake Kuppy. Stop buying more Shitridge. Me: …but it’s sooo incredibly cheap. Analyst: Who cares? You said that five dollars ago. It wrecked our 2019 and it’s already wrecking our 2020. Me: Our only edge in this game, is to buy more when it transitions from cheap to downright stupid. It’s rare, but occasionally, something Read More
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January 18, 2022

Oil Is The Wrecking Ball That We All Deserve…

I’ve been pretty clear on why oil is going higher. If you want a refresher, click here. I’ve also been clear that when oil overshoots, it’s going to create the next Lehman moment. Oil is the wrecking ball that will crush every CUSIP, because the Fed will eventually panic. Look at bonds. They’re getting smashed along with equities today. This will blow up the Read More
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January 17, 2022

Azores (Part 2)

Over a decade ago, what started as a semi-regular email to friends, morphed onto this site, mainly due to the difficulties of sending travel pictures through email attachments. With that in mind, I’m going to share some pics from my recent trip to the Azores. Sorry, no stock picks, but that’s fine because the Azores are absolutely incredible… Quick history lesson to start. While Read More
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